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Maritime liens are defined by Admiralty Law and are creditor liens on a vessel for those who either provided service to the vessel or suffered injury from using the vessel.

Complexities of maritime liens

Because maritime lien law is complicated, you should consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable in this specific area of law.
The following complexities are characteristic of maritime liens:

  • Some maritime liens attach to borrowed or leased equipment on the vessel.
  • The lien remains attached to items when removed from the vessel.
  • Other types of maritime liens do not attach to borrowed or leased equipment.
  • Invalid maritime liens can result in severe sanctions against the creditor and creditor’s attorney in federal court.
  • Services to new boats never launched are not subject to maritime liens.
  • Breach of contract for vessel purchase is not subject to maritime lien.
  • Recordings of maritime liens are not subject to UCC regulations and are optional, resulting in secret liens.

Examples of maritime liens

Debts secured by a maritime lien may include:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Seamen’s wages
  • Towage
  • Moorage
  • Fuel
  • Consumable goods
  • Liability for collision damage
  • Liability for damage to a dock
  • Maintenance, cure, and unearned wages for injured seamen
  • Personal injury liability compensation

Maritime foreclosure process

The foreclosure process for a maritime lien varies greatly from home foreclosures. If a creditor files a maritime lien claim in federal court, a federal judge can order a federal marshal to seize the vessel without a hearing or issuing a judgment. The creditor has tremendous power and rights in stopping a vessel owner from sailing away to avoid the lien.
Stevens & Goldwyn, P.A. represents creditors throughout the maritime lien process and makes every effort to effectively and efficiently pursue and/or defend your case.

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