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When a Building Needs to Borrow Money

14 Oct, 2021

As buildings age, repairs become necessary. For associations that have funded reserves, money will be in short supply, leaving two possible options depending on what is permitted...
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Board Meetings: How They Should Be Conducted

13 Oct, 2021

Today’s blog is about notice, quorum, the right to record meetings, handling disruptive attendees and meeting minutes. Notice Requirements: The notice requirements for a meeting ...
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Building Staff Roles in a Community Association

11 Oct, 2021

Supers, building managers, maintenance persons, custodial staff, grounds keeping personnel, porters, doormen, concierges – depending on the size of a community, the staff roster ...
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How To Prepare Your HOA in The Event of a Natural Disaster

8 Oct, 2021

Consider this scenario: You are a board member for an HOA that represents over 300 residents in a condominium complex of 20 buildings. In the early hours of a Thursday morning,...
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