How HOAs Can Manage a Lockdown

6 Oct, 2020

HOAs can implement several policies to help manage their properties during lockdowns (in the event of an emergency). In an emergency, there is usually guidance from an...
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Stay involved in your local HOA and your community will benefit

2 Sep, 2020

Board members are community leaders. They volunteer their time to make decisions on the well-being and financial health of their association. Every homeowner has a right to know...
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Common Residential Legal Issues

25 Aug, 2020

Stevens & Goldwyn, P.A. are experts in negotiating condominium and real estate law for HOA associations. As a result, they are familiar with the most frequent issues that...
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Poor Communication Causes Most Problems For HOAs in Florida

17 Aug, 2020

Most interpersonal issues stem from miscommunication. This is especially true in the business world – communication is the bedrock of every successful relationship. The same...
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