Alternative dispute resolution



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Whenever possible, we negotiate settlements or resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration, which saves clients time and expense. While, as trial lawyers, we engage in thorough case preparation and are ready to take cases to trial, we resort to courtroom litigation only when necessary to protect our client’s interests and achieve a favorable outcome.
In an effort to better understand and fulfill the legal needs of our clients, our attorneys stay current with changing civil and commercial laws. For client-oriented legal services that protect your rights in a broad range of commercial matters, rely on the knowledge and skills of the Plantation law firm of Stevens & Goldwyn, P.A.

We have a very good amount of knowledge about commercial laws. Since we are in this business for years, our commercial litigation attorneys in Miami are very encouraging and they take part actively in all the decisions. They are aware of community association management and offer good support in your struggles. They will even attend all meetings and will analyze your case strongly. Our litigation lawyers Miami FL will achieve all results and will also take appropriate actions if needed. Being thorough with commercial litigation in Miami, you will not be disappointed with their outcomes.

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