Condo Association Laws

Legal upkeep of your condominiums has never been this easy – hire us now at Stevens & Goldwyn!

Condominiums occupy a large portion of the residential landscape of Florida. With the growth of condos over the years, there has simultaneously been a rise of the Florida condo association. As the creation and habitation of every apartment are bound by laws expressed in what is collectively known as condominium documents, the onus of upholding and complying with these laws are on the shoulders of the Florida condo association. We at Stevens & Goldwyn are offering the services of our attorney expert in condo association laws at affordable rates. We provide services that range from reviewing and drafting an amendment to condo documents and condo association laws, assisting clients with their suggested notice of modifications, and ensuring that passed amendments get publicly recorded.

Our experts in condo association laws are skilled in the practices of arbitration, mediation, and courtroom litigation, providing the client the best service through any of these methods. However, it is only after failure in negotiation that we choose to resort to civil litigation cases. The most routine matters that lead to civil litigation cases include but are not limited to construction defect disputes, local ordinance violations, disputed prohibition of pets, disputed occupancy restrictions, zoning, and planned development issues, to name a few. Apart from these, Florida Condo Association members may take note that our attorneys offer their expert services in reviewing condo contracts, ensuing litigation in case of breach of the agreements, assist members in annual meetings, filing of lien and foreclosures, and much more. You can know the full scope of our services by simply calling us and claiming your free consultation! We are by far the most affordable and skilled in commercial law, Florida Condo association! Invest in us, and never worry about any legal hiccups in your condo documents. Our attorneys are ready to take full responsibility for all the legal matters in your condo community!

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