Everything you need to know about Homeowners Association



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Everything you need to know about Homeowners Association

The responsibility of Homeowners Association

Whenever you purchase a townhouse, a home or a condominium in a planned development or in a gated community, you are required to join the homeowners association (HOA) of that particular community where you are living in.

You are supposed to pay the monthly or annual HOA fee for the care and maintenance of the common areas in the building.

This association is basically run by a board of directors that are voted by the homeowners to supervise the common issues of an area or a property. The members of the homeowner association govern various kinds of tasks such as running the business affairs, manage the finances, taking care of the upkeep of the area, and enforcing certain rules in the community to maintain decorum.

Basic functions of HOA

Homeowners’ Association sets the monthly fee for all the homeowners in order to maintain the area such as parking lots, swimming pools, hallways etc. Some of the major functions performed by HOA are:

They implement rules and regulations in the community and make decisions regarding the various issues of the residents. And in case if the residents breach any of the HOA law the hoa authorities can take strict action against them.

The board of directors sets the budget of the community as per the input provided by the owners. They maintain the financial records and set the condo fees for the home owners. They also have reserved funds for the future requirements of the building.

The association also holds personal meetings with the homeowners in order to listen to their issues and problems and arrive at a decision.

Do you think joining Homeowners Association of your area will be a good decision?

You might be thinking that by joining the HOA of your community you can have direct say in an issue. Obviously, being one of the board of directors will give you the power to make changes in your community that you always wanted to have. In addition to this, you will be up-to-date with the issues that are arising in the community.

Joining HOA will require your time and dedication both as you will have a list of responsibilities. Thus think wisely before joining the HOA.

How homeowners can exercise their rights to change the HOA rules in the community?

The homeowners’ rights against HOA will help you and your fellow homeowners to take an action against the ingenuine laws enforced by the Homeowners Association. You can vote for the person whom you want to be the president of the HOA and can remove the present person from the seat.

You need to go through the HOA bylaws in order to pass any amendments in the community. Thus you have the full rights to make any changes in case you encounter the bad behavior of the person in charge.

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