Florida Condo Board Term Limits

Get to know the new term limits for condo board members in Florida 2018 – How is it different from the 2017 amendment?

In the past few years, there have been quite a few amendments in the Florida Condominium Act, which changed the stipulated Term Limits for Condo Board members in Florida. In 2017, the amendment specified that Florida Condo Board Term limits should not extend beyond four two-year board terms. The language of the new Florida Condo Board Term Limits 2018 has left the condo and hoa board members puzzled- which states that the term limits for HOA Board members and condo board members should not exceed 8 consecutive years – the only exception being approval of extension by owners of units/homes representing 2/3rds of the cast votes, or to associations having board vacancies that exceed the number of eligible candidates. Board members have been at a loss to determine whether the newly amended law takes the existing board members prior years of service into consideration.

Legal experts had earlier suggested that this new decision regarding Florida Condo Board Term Limits does not seem to be intended for retroactive applications. Florida Condo Board Term Limits 2018 will perhaps not be an issue for board members who have been serving consecutive two-year terms. However, in a recent Declaratory Statement issued after the concerns of a Macro Island Condominium Association, the Division of Florida Condominiums stated that any director who had already served 8 years would not escape the term limit laws dated July 1, 2018 – indicating a retroactive approach to term limits for HOA board members and condo association board members. Florida Condo Board Term Limits have therefore been a subject of great legal debates in recent years, with many arguing that the restriction of term limits for Condo board members in Florida might lead to the displacement of experienced and effective board members who had a significant role in the condo and the HOA community. In light of these new In the light of the recent Florida Condo Board Term Limits 2018, many condo associations seek the assistance of competent legal representations – we at Stevens & Goldwyn specialize in homeowners association and condo association law. We offer cost-effective expert legal advice related to term limits for HOA board members and condo board members. Consult with us for free to get to know the scopes and services we provide – our experts are trained specifically in HOA and condo laws and are ready to serve you in any legal matter related to this!

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