Florida Hoa Laws

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Are you planning to move into a planned development residential community in the state of Florida? Are you a proactive person who likes community engagement? If yes, then you are probably hoping to get a chance to be a part of the board member of your community’s homeowner’s association. However, before you nominate yourself as a contender in the upcoming board elections, you must be aware of a few things like Florida HOA board member requirements or the important Florida HOA laws. While any community resident can qualify as a board member, Florida HOA board member requirements are that any candidate who has failed to pay off any financial obligations and dues by the last day of nomination shall lose their eligibility. Moreover, an existing HOA board member can be displaced from his position should the person fail to pay any monetary obligation for 90 days. In that case, their seat at the board shall be up for election. Apart from such requirements, some other new and existing Florida HOA laws aspiring board members may take note of. In case of any dispute or breach, proper legal counsel may be sought from us at Stevens & Goldwyn, PA, home of some of the best HOA lawyer Florida can offer.

The aforementioned Florida HOA laws that new, aspiring and existing board members must take note of include the official records bill, extension of distressed condominium relief act, new insurance bills, HOA amendments, and others. It might prove challenging to keep in touch with all the updates and amendments to laws and Florida HOA board member requirements – it is wise to invest in proper legal representations. Stevens & Goldwyn, PA, offers the expert services of the most trusted HOA lawyer Florida HOA members can opt for at a cost-effective rate! Invest in our excellent attorneys and boast of the best legal representation among the Florida HOA communities!

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