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Do you live in a planned community with a regulated Homeowner’s Association? Are you expected to follow the Homeowners Association rules to a T? While the homeowners association rules are there for a reason and complying with those rules often helps maintain happy community life, residents must also be aware of the homeowners rights against HOA. The HOA cannot make the homeowners abide by any rules not stipulated in the HOA policy book. As a homeowner, you have the right to review these rules. If you are confused about the numerous updates, revisions, and amendments that are often characteristic features of Homeowners Association Rules, seeking the professional assistance of a Homeowners Association Attorney can end all your woes!

Among the Homeowners Rights against HOA, the fundamental ones are the right to refuse the payment of excessive fines and the right to protest against discrimination of any kind. While some HOA rules stipulate the number of hefty penalties should include homeowner neglect the payment of his regular monetary dues, in other cases, the HOA rule book might not state any such guidelines. Homeowners are advised to peruse the rulebook before the payment of any fines carefully. Homeowners rights against HOA also include demanding a hearing with assistance from a Homeowners Association Attorney if they feel that the HOA has or is continuing to discriminate against them based on their race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. It is also within their right to take the case further and file a formal lawsuit against the HOA if their demands are not fulfilled. Stevens & Goldwyn PA is the home to a skilled Homeowners Association Attorney who has specialized in home association laws. Homeowners in and around Miami, Florida, should not hesitate to contact us in case of any form of abuse of power by the HOA in their community! Affordable and providing quality service, it is our goal to serve the homeowners and make them aware of their rights against HOA.

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