Before You Purchase A Home – Check Out The Homeowners Association



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Before You Purchase A Home - Check Out The Homeowners Association

Buying a home is a big commitment and an even bigger one if your dream home falls within the jurisdiction of a homeowner’s association. Homeowner’s associations (HOAs) are directing bodies of neighborhoods usually established and administered, initially anyway by the developers themselves.

They do this in order to maintain their investments to their satisfaction until a certain number of lots in the growth are sold off, in which case the HOA is turned over and directed by the homeowners right against HOA themselves.


Homeowners association differs in their structure, dues, and rigidity from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some HOAs need small dues per month, while others may need hundreds of dollars. Some may aim solely on maintaining shared infrastructure, such as roads, while others pursue to maintain a certain standard of living within the community, thus verbalizing policies about home or lot appearance.

Not complying with HOA rules can lead to expensive fines and, perhaps worse, discord with your neighbors. If you think that your HOA doesn’t accompany its own bylaws, or if you feel they are discriminatory, you also have the right to sue them. But appointing a real estate attorney Miami and suing your neighbors is a less than ideal situation.


Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) can be a homeowner’s best buddy. HOAs often recompense for exclusive services that go above and beyond what you get from your town or city. From basic maintenance to infrastructure growth, a well-managed HOA will keep your community safe and beautiful. We should appreciate their hyper-local nature, HOAs usually excel at tracking which homeowners are in economic distress.

The vital thing to remember about HOAs is that they are organizations with the legal ability to impose rules. If you don’t pay your homeowner’s charges, for example, an HOA can take you to court and demand foreclosure on your home as a way to pay your back-dues. You should feel entirely comfortable with all aspects of an HOA before you commit to buying a home under their jurisdiction.

Homeowners Association Attorney are meant to practice for the good of the community, and a lot of times they do. Your dues may be used to maintain the community pool, pay a property management company to mow your yard, or pay for a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids. Feeling entirely comfortable with your HOA is absolutely vital, however, before you purchase a property.

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