Why An Attorney Is A Must For HOAs



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Why An Attorney Is A Must For HOAs

HOA stands for Home Owners Association. HOA is created to uphold property values. HOA attorney maintains common areas like gym, lawns, swimming pool, etc. If you buy or rent a house in a community governed by HOA Attorney, you are agreeing to abide by its rules. You can change home association rules after becoming a resident you can choose to become a member of HOA. The rules and procedure to amend HOA regulations are provided in a document called Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

Common Disputes of HOA against Homeowners

  • Failing to pay HOA dues and assessment
  • Misuse of common areas
  • Violation of HOAs rules and regulations
  • Not abiding by the ban on number and types of pet one can keep

How Can An Attorney Help HOA?

Utilizing the services of HOA attorney will be beneficial for the HOA in the long run. Expert HOA attorney ensures that all the condo association laws are followed thoroughly. Community associations are bound by state, federal and local laws. The governing documents can be difficult to understand and an HOA attorney can help in interpreting them. The attorney can help them in amending any rules and regulations in CC and Rs by following the proper procedure to do so. HOA board members can retain an attorney to help them with enforcement tasks and to resolve any legal disputes which may occur anytime in a condo association.

What Does An Hoa Attorney Do?

Draft governing documents

When an HOA is formed, there are plenty of legal documents that need to be drafted to comply with the law. An HOA attorney will help you in:

  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Rules and regulations

Collect outstanding fees and assessment

There are residents who do not pay their rent on time, fail to pay maintenance fees, etc. HOAs can hire an attorney to collect outstanding fees from the residents who do not respond to HOA after repeated reminders. Having an attorney increases the success of obtaining fees on time.

Settle the disputes

Many times disputes occur between HOA and homeowners, an attorney helps to settle the dispute and if need be the case is taken into the court where an HOA attorney represents HOA against homeowners.

How to find an HOA attorney?

It is important to retain an attorney who is well-experienced, if need be he can represent HOA in a courtroom. Always hire an attorney who is well-versed with homeowners association laws.

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